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Equipping Managers for Tomorrow’s Challenges

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After months of dedicated effort and commitment, managers from diverse divisions at Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP) marked the successful conclusion of the Future Proofing Managers Development Programme during a certificate ceremony. This milestone celebration underscores the significance of equipping managers with essential skills to navigate the dynamic landscape of modern management.

The rigorous programme, led by Clive van der Wagen, presenter, and coach, aimed to empower managers with the critical skills necessary to future-proof their management capabilities and foster a forward-thinking mindset. Through three comprehensive modules—Creativity and Innovation, The Psychology of Relationships, and Business Simulations—participants embarked on a transformative journey of self-discovery and professional growth.

Reflecting on the programme’s essence, Clive van der Wagen emphasized the importance of embracing innovation and adopting a fresh perspective in business practices. ” We went on a journey of creativity, relationships and business simulations culminating with a presentation where they had to all show what dazzling things they had learned,” he remarked.

Back: Jaco Snyman, Kalushi Molefe, Hein Barnard, Leandré Bower, Amanda Mostert, Jacques Rossow and Programme presenter, Clive van der Wagen. Front: Celia da Silva, Martha Mabena, Mariette Malan, Faith Majola, Elna Venter and Shamima Mohanlal

Despite busy schedules and competing demands, participants demonstrated remarkable engagement and enthusiasm throughout the programme, showcasing their commitment to personal and professional development.

Henry Karow, Executive Manager of Training Solutions, commended the Managers for their dedication, emphasizing that the programme is not merely a training programme but an integral part of their ongoing development journey. “Today is about celebrating your achievements and recognizing the transformative impact of this programme on your managerial skill set,” he affirmed.

Dr. Tebogo Motshwane, Executive Manager of Research Solutions, underscored the necessity of adaptability and flexibility in future-proofing strategies, echoing the programme’s overarching theme. “Future-proofing demands resilience and foresight, qualities that you have demonstrated throughout this journey,” he asserted, urging participants to embrace change and drive innovation within their respective roles.

Hein Barnard, Business Manager, expressed satisfaction with the programme’s tangible impact on business projects, highlighting its relevance in driving organizational success.

For Shamima Mohanlal, Solutions Manager, completing the programme was a transformative experience marked by gratitude and newfound learning methodologies. “I am grateful to have been given this opportunity and I sincerely enjoyed the new way of learning,” she shared.

The Management Development Programme at Enterprises UP offers a comprehensive platform for managers to enhance their skills and excel in today’s competitive business environment. By delving into crucial topics ranging from strategic planning to financial management and human resources, participants emerge equipped with the requisite competencies to drive organizational excellence.

Upon successful completion of the programme, participants gain proficiency in executing planning and control strategies, fostering a learning-centric culture, formulating operational policies, financial management, stress and conflict management, leadership principles, project management, marketing strategies, human resource functions, and operations management.

Join us at Enterprises UP and embark on a transformative journey towards managerial excellence. Future-proof your career today.

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