Fostering Partnerships and Transdisciplinary Collaboration: Enterprises UP’s Engagement Sessions

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Above: Enterprises UP partners at Enterprises Building, Pretoria

Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP) recently hosted a series of interactive engagement sessions with esteemed research and consulting partners on the 9th and 10th of May 2024. These sessions, under the theme “The value of transdisciplinary collaboration,” served as a platform to acknowledge and appreciate the invaluable contributions of our partners while emphasising the significance of collaborative efforts in delivering innovative solutions for our clients.

Led by Dr. Elmar de Wet, CEO of Enterprises UP, the sessions opened with a profound acknowledgment of the essential role that is played by our specialists in Research and Consulting Solutions. Dr de Wet emphasised the importance of regular feedback from partners in fostering relationships and ensuring company success. “These engagement sessions mark the beginning of forging new relations and sharing insights with crucial partners in our business,” he remarked, highlighting the commitment to bridging gaps through open communication and feedback channels.

Dr. Tebogo Motshwane, Executive Manager of Research and Consulting Solutions, further outlined strategic areas that are key for engagement and communication within the division. His insights emphasised the division’s proactive approach in adapting to changes, enhancing communication channels with the University, and strengthening the impact of collaborative efforts. Dr. Motshwane’s remarks echoed the sentiment that higher education institutions play an important role in driving impactful solutions through collaborative engagements with partners.

The first day of the sessions saw Dr. Anthon Botha, MD of Technoscene, shedding light on the essence of transdisciplinary collaborations in fostering innovation. Dr. Botha emphasised the blend of expertise that are required to form effective teams and stressed the importance of co-innovating with clients to achieve shared success. His insights resonated with the audience, highlighting the transformative potential of collaborative innovation in addressing complex challenges.

The discussions which were held during the sessions provided a platform for attendees to share challenges and insights from consulting and industry engagements, stressing the importance of interdisciplinary collaborations for faculty development and industry relevance. The Research and Consulting Solutions team were lauded for their important role in facilitating engagements and partnerships, aligning strategies, and incorporating partner perspectives through regular sessions.

On the second day, Dr. Melanie Prinsloo, founding member of Infusion, delved into the transformative role of transdisciplinary research in addressing systemic challenges within communities. Her presentation emphasised the need to understand individual capabilities and expanding choices to develop systemic solutions that benefit communities and industries alike.

The engagement sessions served as a testament to Enterprises UP’s commitment to fostering partnerships and transdisciplinary collaborations. The acknowledgment of partners’ contributions, coupled with insightful discussions on collaborative innovation, exemplified the organisation’s dedication to driving positive change through collective expertise. Enterprises UP extends its heartfelt gratitude to all the partners and speakers for their participation and looks forward to continued collaboration in shaping a brighter future through impactful solutions.

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