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Put employee wellness at the forefront with a healthy lifestyle programme

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It is often said that health is wealth and that ethos can be applied literally to the workplace where the health and wellness of employees are crucial to the success of the business. Work-related stress and toxic workplaces can severely damage one’s mental health. The health and well-being of employees are crucial in improving employee engagement and resilience and reducing high employee turnover.

The hybrid and remote working models initiated during the COVID-19 pandemic unearthed, for many employees, improved work-life balance, and both time and money were saved substantially from the daily commute. A study by Ipsos showed a growing gap between leaders and employees. Globally, 68% of employees surveyed said hybrid working improved their communication and led to faster decision-making. A contrast to that came from senior managers with just 10% showing a preference for remote working. Programmes such as the Healthy Lifestyle Programme are essential to bridging the gap between employees and their managers to create conducive work environments, in turn, ensuring the long-term sustainability of organisations.

Gain fundamental knowledge in workplace wellness with the Train-the-Trainer: Healthy Lifestyle Programme from Enterprises University of Pretoria. With a focus on the key aspects of a healthy lifestyle, the programme will arm current and aspiring Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) practitioners with the tools to help employees improve their quality of life.

High well-being in any organisation is an employee and talent magnet. This means higher employee retention and staff that thrives. Improving the quality of one’s life both at work and at home can be attributed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which includes mental health, nutrition and adequate rest. These are all factors that lead to improved productivity and a decrease in burnout and other safety incidents.

Enterprises UP is committed to providing the best training for our delegates by utilising the specialised skills and guidelines of lecturers from the University of Pretoria. Whether you are a social worker, psychologist, professional in the nursing industry or an HR professional; the comprehensive course material will map the premise of a healthy lifestyle from what it entails to managing stress and building relationships. This ensures that delegates are not only well-rounded EAP practitioners by the time of completion, but have successfully covered fields under the auspices of BSS-AFRICA.

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