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Potato pathology course gains traction from international delegates

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Enterprises University of Pretoria’s (Enterprises UP) globally competitive training course – Online Course Basic Potato Pathology recently enrolled 12 international delegates from Australia.

This unique course is one of its kind in Southern Africa and proved to be a popular training offering amongst prospective delegates. The course attracted interest from around the world from professionals in the potato industry working as seed certification officials, growers, farm managers and technical advisers.

Pamila Hacker, one of the 12 registered Australian delegates shared her experience during her journey: “The course was fantastic. The information I retained and the information that I can pass on to the kangaroo island growers is just outstanding. We are dealing with powdery scabs this growing season and with the data acquired I can pass on to them gives an alternative option and also a reason why they have had a bad outbreak this year.”

The core of the course content was about diseases potatoes are potentially exposed to and ways to mitigate such strain. The knowledge attained by delegates can potentially bring a positive impact in the industry. “This course has given me confidence and knowledge and proof to show the growers what they are dealing with and hopefully a way of dealing with the problem.” Pamila added.

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